Water purification device
Drinking cup
Headlamp and small flashlight
Small radio
Fire starter rod
Survival knife/sharpening stone
First aid kit
Work/tactical gloves
Topographic maps
Fish hooks/line
Asst hygienic products
Rechargeable batteries
Solar charger
Rain gear
Duct tape
Polyethylene sheeting
Area appropriate clothing
ID/passport/vital documents
Camo paint/compact w/mirror
Copy of army survival manual
Snare bait (peanut butter)
Cell phone/solar phone charger
Duct tape
Trash bags
Extra socks
Ziplock bags of various sizes
US flag
Holy Bible
US constitution, Bill of Rights.
This list is intended for long-term survival. In it are the basics for hunting, fishing,
farming, self-defense, and survival campsite construction. The rest is up to you.
CASH/CREDIT CARDS - At least a few hundred, a few thousand if you can manage it.
During SHTF the cash may be worth less or worthless, but maybe not. Ditto credit cards.
FIREARMS - A .22 and a powerful handgun and lots and lots of ammo. See Firearms
page for reasons, suggestions and recommendations.
AMMUNITION - At least 10,000 rounds of .22 long rifle for hunting. At least 250, no
make that 500 rounds of handgun ammo
FOOD - Enough to get you through 1 week with no supplementing. You need to begin to
hunt, trap and forage immediately for food to supplement and preserve your supply.
WATER PURIFICATION - A full bladder in your INCH bag to start, a water purifier, water
purification tablets, and an emergency drinking straw. Don't forget you can boil. You gotta
have water. Those of you out west and in other water scarce areas must be particularly
aware of your water situation and take whatever steps necessary to secure a permanent
water source.
HEADLAMP - A hands-free flashlight is a must. Lamps with low-profile night vision
preserving red or green light options are preferred. No need to spend a lot of money here
as there are many inexpensive models that will do.
SMALL RADIO - Stave off boredom and stay informed. Try to get a unit that uses the
same batteries as your headlamp. If you are alone it's your only friend.
This list was compiled with economy and reliability in mind. The linked
items below are more than adequate but you could spend a lot more.
There are other things to spend your $$$ on.
FIRE STARTER - Carry several types of fire starter. I carry two ferro rods in my
INCH bag and a small bic lighter in my first aid kit. When you are wearing the INCH
bag, remove 1 rod and carry in pants pocket in case you are separated from the bag.
SURVIVAL KNIFE - A million to choose from, only some good so be careful. Look for a
sturdy full tang, no hollow handles with the cheesy survival kits please. A good knife
should last you forever or until you lose it.
FIRST AID KIT - Supplement kits with any necessary medication and ibuprofen, epi
pen, and some painkillers if you can get them. Keep a Mini-Bic lighter in the kit for
TOWEL - It may not seem necessary but drip drying sucks, especially in the cold. Be
sure to dry your towel thoroughly before repacking.
AXE/HATCHET - A must for land clearing and campsite construction. Well worth the 2
pounds in your pack.
SEEDS - Good idea just in case. Very light and takes up little space. Begin growing
as soon as possible. Instead of buying one of the many seed banks available we
recommend going to and selecting and building your own seed bank
based on your geographical location and growing conditions. If you have never raised
a seed you should do that now under ideal conditions. Farming is not easy.
SNARES - Best way to get small game, more effective than hunting, quiet and saves
ammo. Set multiple traps to increase odds of success. Practice now under ideal conditions.
After learning the basics use improvised snares from indigenous resources.
Don't forget your cell phone and cell phone charger. Make sure your cell
charger is compatible with your solar charger. The phones may not work right
away or for some time even but at some point cell service will probably return.
DRINKING CUP - Gotta have one, coffee, tea, good old water.
PARACORD - Make sure it's the real stuff. Lots of cheap knock-offs out there. 500'
should do you.
WORK GLOVES - Protect your hands, especially your trigger fingers, injuries are
debilitating and depressing. Get cold weather gloves if you are in a cold area.
TOPOGRAPHIC MAPS - Get the area you live in and the route you must travel to your
BOL. A must have for the stealth traveler.
COMPASS - Hone your navigation skills now under ideal conditions. Practice in low and
no light conditions.
FISHING GEAR - Don't bother with a pole or a reel, too much weight. Some fishing
hooks and some fishing line is all you really need, everything else can be fabricated with
indigenous resources. Make a cast net by separating and tying some paracord, practice
now under ideal conditions.
HYGIENIC PRODUCTS - TOILET PAPER, Soap, toothbrush/paste, deo stick,
chapstick. You know what you really need here, keep it all in a small stuff sack for
easy access.
MULTITOOL - You'll use it a hundred times every day. Buy a quality tool like
RECHARGEABLE BATTERIES - Power your radio, headlamp, flashlight, any
battery-operated device.
SOLAR CHARGER - Power your radio, headlamp, flashlight, or any battery
operated device.
MULTIVITAMIN  - Good for general health, especially when food gets rationed
and you're on survival portions.
RAIN GEAR  - Staying dry and warm is paramount. No emergency ponchos. Don't
skimp here, shitty rain gear sucks.
AREA APPROPRIATE CLOTHING - You should already know your area and what
temperatures you are likely to encounter. Remember you want to layer. Extra socks.
ID/PASSPORT/DOCUMENTS - Take only what you really need. Bury the rest.
POLYETHYLENE SHEETING  - Provides for rapid and waterproof shelter. Very
lightweight, very waterproof, very cheap. Many other uses. Get 4 mil or thicker.
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